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3 options for Tarkov Endgame


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Here is an idea I have for three different Tarkov endgame options and what I think they'll accomplish. Let me know what you think!

1. Escaping - prestige system

Give BEAR and USEC each a sequence of maps to "escape from Tarkov." It would require a special quest (like turn in a bunch of money to buy your way to the exit path) and then you'd exfil *with no secure container*. You would then have one AND ONLY ONE opportunity to make the trek across the escape map sequence you chose. If you die or successfully escape, you are taken to an account prestige screen. It would have options like "increased starting trader rep", "start with stash lvl X unlocked", "increase all PMC experience gain by X%" type options. *Nothing* that gives a combat advantage, but just quality of life boosts for prestiging. Paying the money to initiate the quest would guarantee you the first set amount of account prestige experience, and if you successfully escape you get the cash value of your inventory as additional account experience. Then after you die/escape, and after you spend any account prestige points, your PMC* is reset.

2. Hideout development - Tarkov seasons

If you don't want to escape, you could develop your hideout. After completing Fence's collector quest you get another questline from Fence that eventually leads to you replacing the shooting range in your hideout with a miniature nuclear reactor. This could be... say, 10 quests, and each quest would function like Delivery From the Past with additional steps (die = restart the quest). When you finish the quest, you get or can purchase from fence the next item to build the next step of the reactor. Each step could take a week to construct in the hideout, and thus with 10 quest steps this would mean the minimum duration for a wipe would be Kappa + 10 weeks, or about 3 months. When the first player finishes the reactor, it melts down, explodes, and wipes the entire server.

3. Join the cultists - casual Tarkov (and battling RMT)

Give players the option to join the cultists easily. Joining the cultists would a) cause all 8 NPC traders to be hostile to you and refuse to trade with you and b) lock you out of the flea market. Joining the cult would cut a player off from the Tarkov economy completely, but would give them access to a special cultist trader. This trader would have moderate and good gear, but none of the best weapons/armor/ammo. The cultist trader would purchase any barter item but for virtually the same amount (eg. apple juice sells for 20 "blood coins" and a graphics card sells for 50). The cultist trader would then have all basic items to effectively turn your PMC into a player raider scav. I think this will greatly help to combat RMT because I think most people who use RMT sites simply don't have the time for the tarkov grind and would join the cult instead of using RMT to enjoy EFT. And if a player didn't want to be a cultist anymore, they could have an easy quest where they go to the house in Shoreline and kill themselves, giving some (but less) prestige experience like the Escape option above, and taking the player to the account prestige page.


Okay that was a shitload of text. My bad for the wall as I tried to be concise as possible. Thoughts?

*edited "account" to "PMC"... prestige stuff would stick around until there was a full server wipe

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idea 1,
- Higher starting trader rep means faster unlocking of better weapons, so that is combat advantage.
- Increased XP gain will make it so that you level up way faster than intended, thats why they increased xp requirements for lvl 1-20, again a combat advantage because you unlock traders, missions aswell as gear faster.

Idea 2,
1 sentence, WTF were you even thinking here, hackers/cheaters will just wipe the server within a month/week because they will just modify stuff with their cheat clients.

Idea 3, 
- the game is supposed to be on the hard side, this would in no existing universe work the way you describe it, RMT will not stop
- what you are probably also not thinking about, is the fact that if the Traders get hostile to you, they wont give you quests, thus there will not be a single goal in the game.

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