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XRSU47SU Tactical hand-guard causing stock folding issues

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If you throw the XRSU47SU tactical hand guard on an AKS-74U with its stock folded it locks the stock into that position permanently and gives you the same recoil value as with the stock unfolded.

if you take the hand guard off and unfold it and put it back on I got the EXACT same recoil value of 59.

i am not sure if this is intended by the devs, I can’t imagine it is.

sorry for the low quality iPad picture. I post on the forums from my tablet so I don’t have to worry about bugging tarkov out by alt tabbing out of it all the time.


in the mean time this could be a pretty good way of having the benefit of the unfolded recoil reduction while taking up as many squares as it would folded.



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