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Please Add Solo Que


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I've had this opinion for a while now but I feel like this wipe has gotten even worse so once again I'm making this suggestion. EFT needs solo que so badly. My last 12 deaths have been from groups of players (minus 2 where I died from a scav wall banging be through a car and one where my weapons glitched and I was stuck in an animation mid firefight). I run into groups of players almost every raid and it's getting to the point where I kind of want to quit. I've been playing this game since we only had paca's and gold chain forts as armor. I love this game, but it just so frustrating thinking that I'm losing fights because of a massive man disadvantage. I feel like playing with a group and going against solo's kind of also doesn't fit within the game. To me at least, EFT is really all about risk and reward. But taking a squad really has no downsides when compared to being solo and is essentially an easy mode. There's enough loot on every map for a full squad, and while you are a bit more easy to spot, that disadvantage is heavily outweighed by your extra man count. Obviously, people should be able to play with friends. I've done a couple dozen raids with friends myself over the years. But I really wish there was a solo and group que (maybe a solo, due-trio, and big squad que if the wait times aren't to long). Sorry if this feels to ranty. I've seen a lot of other players complain about this too so I figured I'd at least try to voice my opinion. 

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