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since the discount, the game has had massive problems with cheaters

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So since the discount started the cheaters are back.

Many players reporting this ingame and in this forum.

what are you going to do about it?

i mean what is the point in triggering a bann-wave and it was actually a very, very great experience to play against normal players for 3 days. But with introduction of the discount, all day long from morning to evening so much suspicious individuals.

- side-step-teleports while hitting them

- Radar-hacks are back and feels worser than before, no it feels like they can directly see through walls and objects as if you as a normal player get highlighted

- they survive 4-5 rounds an blank hatchling bodies with AP20 shotgun-ammo

- charching as blank hatchling into you face with only a pistol and survive whatever type of ammunition is used (post screen shows some times 400 dmg and more on single target)

- they also mock you as developers with the chosen names, showing that there going to cheat the game


Could it be possible that after the next cheat-wave you close the game-shop and stop selling any copy for around 1month and see if the cheat-reports will getting low?

in my opinion that would be an empirical opportunity to really test it.

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