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Current ammo/weapon balance in the game


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Here is my big rant on the current ammo/weapon state of the game, please comment and let's discuss what needs changing and what is fine in your experience. Personally I prefer variety/viability in largest possible amount of different calibers and weapons to there being only one viable weapon and one viable ammo in each caliber (that is easily obtainable by fleamarket). Gameplaywise it is just boring to me.

12/70: There is currently a nice amount of different ammo, 
however in the slugs category people tend to run only AP20, I see extremely rarely any other slugs and they seem to not be viable on damage/penetration comparatively (also since you can craft AP20 on hideout why wouldnt you only use it?)  
buckshots/flechette feel decent, although I dont think ive ever seen 5.25mm/6.5mm being used. 
Currently three pump-actions and two semi-autos which is a good amount
pump-action fire rate bit slow? 
maybe introduce a double-barrel/bolt-action trash tier weapon in the future?
also am I the only one that feels the three slot saiga12 mags are annoying and make no sense? (2 slot 60 rounders and 50 rounders easily obtainable on assault rifles)

20/70: it is never used currently (only one bolt-action gun atm), 
needs more weapons in this caliber, at least one pump-action and semi-auto (the 20gauge version of Mossberg/Saiga would be a quick fix for example) 
maybe bring the ammo stats slightly closer to 12/70 while obviously still keeping it inferior (with maybe better recoil/handling parameters)
hard to estimate ammo since toz is so different compared to other shotguns

9x18mm makarov
lots of different ammo that rarely sees any use, penetration feels just too poor on the current best rounds 
not really weapons that could be used outside finding it in raid (although stetchkin is fun to me at least on unarmored opponents)
slight penetration buffs on the ammo, while still keeping it inferior to 9x19mm?
although as an older obsolete cartridge should propably be kept as an inferior level 1-2 trader early game weapons
introduce moddable smg and pistol using this cartridge? 
9x18mm version of PP-19 Bizon for example?

suffers from same issues as the 9x18mm, penetration worse than in 9x18mm although to my understanding it is a fast cartridge with decent armor penetration in real life (well real life is real life though)
currently one ww2 pistol/smg, I did ran some budget runs with the pistol on early levels, ammo felt really underwhelming 
maybe penetration buffs on this ammo as well?
up the penetration to be comparable to 9x19mm with low flesh damage? (since it is a fast, smaller bullet)
since this is also an older obsolete design could also be kept as an lvl 1-2 trader early game weapon? (would still need a buff just for that imo)
moddable smg/pistol in this cartridge as well in future?
7.62x25mm version of the PP-19 Bizon for example?  

Nice variety of weapons currently, several pistols and smgs that are moddable
with the addition of 7N31 is viable in the end game, in a good state currently imo
green tracer/Luger CCI seem redundant  
green tracer is atm LL3 Mechanic with inferior stats to LL1 Pst GZH 
Quakemaker available at LL2 Peacekeeper with superior stats compared to luger CCI that is LL4 Skier atm
other than that in a really good spot

only 1911 currently, weapons upcoming soon on this caliber
12.7 introduced new ammo that seems decent, the AP round seems comparable to the 7N31 with slightly less pen and higher damage
seems fine currently, colt feels somewhat inaccurate at long range

currently only the SR-1MP, needs more weapons in this caliber (seems to be planned in the future)
pistol feels decent, currently 7N31 has same pen with lower damage than the best ammo in 9x21mm, maybe slight pen buff to this? (since it is an "larger" cartridge)

Currently the five-seven and the P90 seem good and it is a decent end game viable caliber  (although SS190 is inferior to 7N31 currently statwise)
Not sure if there exists other weapons that could be added in this caliber? althoug seems pretty good with just the P90 and five-seven. 

only MP7 varations currently on this caliber, not even sure if there exists any other weapons in this caliber, would be nice to add variety if possible.
MP7 feels currently extremely strong and the ammo has very high pen, a bit too strong?
VAL and Vintorez currently, new weapons planned
Currently very strong caliber in the game, sometimes feels like everyone is running VAL...
bit hard to say if this needs any balancing or changes currently, maybe since it is so popular in late game?

with the introduction of the AP round with 90 damage and 42 pen feels like the new meta currently, gotten crazy amount of kills with this lately.
VPO-209/VPO-215 are the weapons currently, even more variety would be nice, maybe the .366 sks in the future? 
I'm guessing the AP round needs a slight nerf, other than that really fun budget caliber at least to me

early game ammo seems a tad weak 
BT, BS and igolnik are pretty much the only rounds I see people using
nice variety in weapons, other than maybe needing slight ammo balancing is fine atm.

similar situation to 5.45
M856A1, M855A1 and M995 are the only rounds I see people using, most used caliber in the game propably atm, getting headshotted constantly by M855A1,
also a great variety in weapons atm, slight balancing of the early game ammo maybe but other than that feels fine?

PS and BP are the only rounds being used, PS propably the strongest ammo to use in the early levels, nice variety in weapons
BP very viable in late game, seems fine atm. Changes to HP, US and T45M maybe?

slightly nerfed due to thorax health increase, lots of weapons in this caliber, feels very viable and used a lot in the endgame
not sure what the point of the new M993 was when compared to M61. currently seems fine? bolt-actions a tad weak?

also slightly nerfed due to thorax health increase, still seeing lots of mosinmans running with 7N1 since it can onetap thorax
currently seems fine, SVD is really fun. slightly buff T-46M, 7N37 and 7BT1?

what do you think? suggestions?

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Sorry my rant was a bit long so here is some possible suggestions in tldr version for possibly more engaging gameplay 

-make AP20 more difficult to get in order to increaes usage for the other slugs 
-buff damage/pen and rebalance on 9x18mm and 7.62x25mm ammo to make them more viable (or introduce a new "end game" cartridge with somewhat decent stats) I dont think currently ~10 of the 14 9x18 cartridge dont see any use at all and most of the tokarev cartridges dont see use as well statwise.
-Moddable and somewhat viable weapon in 9x18mm and 7.62x25mm, PP-19 Bizon for example 
-Introduce more 20gauge shotguns, at least one pump-action and one semi-auto as LL1 shotguns (there are 20 gauge versions of the mossberg and saiga shotguns currently in the game for easy implementation for example) 
-slight pump-action shotgun fire rate increase
-saiga12 10-round magazines to take only 2 slots in the inventory
-9x19mm changes to green tracer/luger CCI stats for them to have use in the game, currently pst gzh and quakemaker are easier to get and just plain better
-9x21mm slight buff on damage or pen to better differentiate it from 9x19mm
-Slight nerf to 4.6x30mm ammo penetration
-Slight nerf to .366AP
-Slightly buff early game 5.45x39mm ammo
-Slightly buff early game 5.56x45mm ammo
-Or instead of buffing 5.56 and 5.45 ammo, make 7.62x39mm PS ammo more rare at the early game,  maybe instead have HP, US or T45 available at LL1, PS at LL2

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