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Keeping a hawk's eye on those that enter labs primarily and their behavior within the raids.

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I feel like it shouldn't be that hard to implement an automated system to look at algorithms for those that strictly favor labs.

I imagine looking for such things like Time to Kill (TTK), K/D, Headshot and their hitbox's %'s, the intervals between kills (since most cheaters make a B-line to scav/raider/pmc), and other factors. At the very least, just for labs if something like this can be implemented, then I feel labs can be enjoyed by legit players again.

I say this because, I've died to cheaters who open LOCKED doors without UNLOCKING them first, and I don't see how that is not an IMMEDIATE ban by the system and requries a report and investigation by BSG/BE to ban that player for 3rd party program use. 

There seems to be a severe lack of automated security against cheaters behavior. BE  has a system within PUBG to temp ban accounts, how is that not implemented here? If PUBG/EFT is using the same service? There is ZERO incentive to even take my keycards into a raid because I'll more than likely get sniped like the last 2 attempts today. 

Can BSG/BE implement an automated system that temp bans unusual game play? It's a no brainer that a normal player regardless of lag and what issues they have with PC / Internet it is impossible to mimic lag switch/speed hack/ and various other things possible with the cheats. Please implement a harder measure against cheaters regarding automation because manual investigation into obviously suspicious behavior seems like you are allowing the cheaters to make the money back before a ban and it completely defeats the purpose of banning them in the first place. 

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