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A recommendation for Insurance 2.0

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I searched the forums and ultimately wasn't able to find anything similar to what I'm posting about.

I don't want to suggest that this is a cure all for the many complaints about the insurance system, because you are never going to satisfy everyone. To my mind, it's a good starting point that could be workshopped by BSG to represent their ideas for the game. Honestly, if it's not in what they want to see for the game, I totally understand.

Here's my suggestion for a more advanced insurance system:

Prapor is reduced in price, but his safe claim time is reduced to 6 hours as well. After this, your loot becomes available for claim (maybe purchase is better?) by other players as well as by you. The only person that can claim your loot (other than you) is someone that has your dog tag. The idea being that they prove to Prapor that you're dead and then claim your gear (or buy it at a reduced price?). They can only claim one of your insurance claims. If you don't claim your insurance within 12 hours, it's unavailable to you. After 48 hours, your insurance claims can't be accessed by players who possess your dogtag. This would place a much larger importance on dogtags as well as claiming your insurance. The dogtag is consumed no matter what, even if there are no insurances to claim, which would add a bit of a risk element to it.

Therapist is crazy amounts of expensive, but your loot is never lost to a timer. The difference is that the amount of loot that she can insure is limited to a small container size (maybe 20 x 10?). The items that you've insured but that haven't been lost yet take up a portion of this - even if they are in your character inventory. They can be greyed out in a similar fashion to when you can't interact with an item in your stash. If you lose an item in raid, it takes the usual amount of time to be returned, and is then not greyed out. If that item was ultimately picked up by a player, it disappears from the insured container. This will place a significantly greater emphasis on insuring high value gear, but there's the additional risk that you will pay to insure gear that you don't ultimately get back.

You could potentially add onto this a change in scav mechanics where they have a chance to pick up player gear and actually scavenge gear from bodies. Increasing the likelihood that you will lose your gear - or even just a global RNG chance to lose your gear even if it's not picked up.

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