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Streaming question about heavy pixelation

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Hey guys, my Tarkov stream has been stupid pixelated and I can't figure out how to help kill some of it. This is my current rig, obs settings, and graphics.


Cpu: ryzen 9 3900xt

Gpu: gtx 1080 ti

Ram: 16gb 3200mhz cl14

Ssd: samsung 960 evo



Encoder: x264

Cbr: 6000 kbps

Cpu preset: medium

Profile: high


Tarkov graphics:

Texture: high

Shadows: high

Object lod: 2

Visibility: 2000

Shadow visibility: 40

Antialiasing: TAA High

Resampling: 1x off

Hbao: off

Ssr: off

Anisotropic filtering: per texture

Sharpness: 0


Also tested w/ postfx and it looked even worse  thanks for anyone who can provide insight.

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Change your encoding to nvec and bit rate to 5000. also make sure obs is started in administration mode.


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