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Problem: Late spawns, slow loading times between scenes

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In 2 months i have started to get long loading times, late spawns and random freezes. (have been playin from early 2020)

Problem number 1:
If i go play with my friends, all my friends will spawn when i start "Loading Loot". Even my best friend who started playing this game last night loads faster to raids than me.
Sometimes my game freeze when Loading map is 100%, after a little freeze it starts Loading loot and then all my friends are all ingame running already....

When i exit raid, black screen will take 1-2mins to get me to lobby, when my friends are already ready to go next raid.

Problem number 2:
If i go play solo, i will have 10sec-2min latespawn in every raid, no matter what.

PC specs:
CPU_Ryzen 1700x (Stock)
GPU_1080 (Stock)
RAM_16Gb 3200Mhz DDR4
SSD what has windows + this game files.
HDD what has everything else.

I have re-installed this game 2 times now and this wont help.
All drivers are updated and running.
I did SSD benchmark and there is all good.
Network speed is Download 400Mbps / Upload 100Mbps so that should be ok.
There is not much softwares using RAM when i play so that wont be problem.


Any tips will help me solve this problem. Thank you.
And sry for poor english :/

See you in Dome,


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Posted (edited)

Try disabling your hdd or disconnect it and see if it still has same issues. Also, if you've downloaded and deleted a lot of files on the SSD they deteriorate over time when writing data over and over again within the cells.

See if it's your HDD that is holding the system back. Also what are the GPU/CPU loads when loading in. You haven't really specified what settings you use either. Reduce the visibility distance settings in general and see if it helps a little. 

Even when disabling my CPU blocks down to 8 cores and 16 threads, while trying to stream I haven't seen it go past 30% load on the CPU. Try to find out what yours is running at, Also try disabling SMT via motherboard if you can and try using physical cores only. You may fall under the category of people that may benefit from it. 

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