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As this may never be seen by the devs I would like to at least get my opionion out there.

So, number 1, Adding the ability to pick up random objects and use as melee, or as trigger sounds. and basically using more of the environment for the player to use to their advantage.

Number 2,   Able to open doors slow and quiet but still may creek or groan as they have rusty hinges, some even shut tighly and need a budge, maybe even being able to wd spray on hinges. 

Number 3, Body dismemberment, with explosive kills, that render equipment useless which would make people think twice about grenading or even running and gunning. Ripping someone to shredds or try get  a well placed clean headshot or other vital vulnerable shots. ( It is an adult realism simulator)

Number 4, being able to holster weapons and pick up bags and containers around the game world. 

I have a lot of other ideas and I know they may not be possible with game mechanic and engine limitations. but this is just how I feel Tarkov should be. youre doing a great job as it is.

Cheers Jallopi3 

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