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The Mischief


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The Mischief


"We are the rustling down the hallway, scurrying out of sight. Feeding of your efforts, that's our birthright."

"We are the scratch marks on a corpse, retreiving spoils from demise. We are the true victors of conflict, the ones that you despise."


The Mischief

A community dedicated to the way of the rat. For if you are a coward, look no further, we have your back. Well your backpack that is along with the rest of your stuff, thanks for that. All jokes aside, naturally there is a focus on teamplay within our ranks, us rats scurry and scuffle together as one. For one rat is little more than an annoyance waiting to be crushed, a pack of rats is called a mischief for a reason. They cant check every nook and cranny, but we certainly can slither into each and everyone of those. If you enjoy the thrills of ambushing, looting opportunistically and winning with a low blow, join the Mischief. For we fight below the belt, exclusively.

Requirements: 18+ (General rule, 16+ if vouched for), English speaking (You dont have to speak it fluently, beginners welcomed.), some level of common decency.

Discord: https://discord.gg/VejB7u7

Feel free to ask questions, post feedback, or give us a good poke in the form of a reply below.


Hit em with the rat attack! ~ General Sam

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