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Looking for duo [EU West]


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Sometimes a chad, often a rat. 35yo and looking to get back into this game. No hours played yet this since last wipe. I'm looking for a teammate to play as a duo. When I get into a game, I like to play it a lot. Preferably have a teammate that is on a lot too. Not a novice myself as I've sunk plenty of hours into this game. That said I don't mind if you are as long as you're up for teamplay.

Country: NL (you don't have to be Dutch, I'm fluent in English)

Timezone: CEST

Playtimes: late afternoon until late at night, sometimes during the day

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20 minutes ago, LoneryWolfy said:

If youre still looking for someone. I'd love to play.
Usually online in the evening till late nights

Country : NL :)

Nice! Will DM you my discord tag.

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We have a over 18's discord community Old Men Gaming roughly 300 members and 50-70 active members a day Nice split between UK/EU and US and a wide variety of skill levels give me a shout if youd like to come a try a few runs with us.



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