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Small practical suggestion - adding onto an existing feature.

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First of all BSG - WE LOVE YOUUUUUUU!!!
This is the most impressive game I have ever seen in my entire life.

Don't listen to haters.

Your game is 1,000x more stable in-beta than most games OUT of beta.

You are doing some complex impressive work, we appreciate your work!!

Second - Stick to your vision!
Having your own clear vision for this game is what makes it unique,
instead of changing the game to please the masses.

I appreciate that you continue to make the game harder as your vision intends.

Okay onto my suggestion :D

You are currently able to hotkey items in your pockets or tactical rigs.

What if say we could hotkey multiple of the same item by the same hotkey-

For example if we had 3 used IFAKs in our tactical,
We could hotkey all 3 IFAKs to #4.

If we had multiple grenades, we could hotkey all grenades to #5.

Then, in-game we can HOLD #4 or #5 and scroll to select specific items.
Similar to holding R and scrolling to select a specific magazine.

This of course would still be restricted to only items in your pockets and tactical like always.

It just adds more of that tarkov precise control over your characters actions.

I tend to never use hotkeys past 6, as then my hand is very out-of-place while using those keys.
This would allow us to hotkey more items on less keys.

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