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Scheduled server wipes.

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I searched the forums and couldn’t find an answer/suggestion. 

i think it would be beneficial for the community to have scheduled wipes. Understanding that a lot of players will be strongly against a wipe, I believe a wipe will bring new players as well as a chance for players joining the game a chance to play on a even playing field (gear wise in the beginning).


i propose a 3-4  monthly wipe schedule, I personally feel this would be enough time per wipe, this is also an opportunity for tarkov devs to implement major changes and remove as they see fit. (taking this method from path of exile). Even after the launch of the full game I believe this will give new players an opportunity to Enter the game knowing there is a wipe approaching and experienced players will still have the upper hand but once you have finished everything short of resetting your own account. 

open to any suggestions or reasons not to have the scheduled wipes.

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