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Constant Stuttering


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Hey guys, I'm new to the game and already pretty hooked. Sadly the stuttering in my game makes it nearly unplayable for me. My FPS are fine and I'm able to get ~120FPS.
Rig: i7-8700K @ 4.8 stable, 1070 Ti, 16gb @3200mhz dual channel, game on ssd, razer mouse, alienware 240hz main monitor and 60hz 2nd monitor
My FPS are fine and when im monitoring everything i don't get drops in CPU usage or ram usage when the stuttering happens.
I narrowed it down to the cause, which should be new models loading as I don't have any stutters when indoors or standing still. When I get stutters I can see some kind of lag resulting in a small freeze (stuttering) and the frame time going really high + fps dropping by 20 as well as gpu usage for the time. It isn't long lasting like a few seconds, more like a small loading time of about .5sec which happens like every 3-5 seconds.
So far I've tried everything I could find on the internet including:

  • DPI fix (run as admin, disable fullscreen optimization, dpi scaling by application)
  • Any combination of in game settings (only physical cores on/off, high/low settings, vsync on off (either in game or nvidia))
  • disable HPET, dyamic clock
  • Usage of Process Lasso (4 cores only, no HT, above normal/ high profile for the exe as well as the launcher)
  • Nvidia settings: maximum performance preferred, 1 pre rendered frame, multi-display performance mode, cache/optimization settings etc. all been tinkered with
  • Unplugging my 2nd monitor (60hz) and only playing with my main one (240hz)
  • Resetting overclocks (gpu, cpu, ram back to stock settings)
  • Disabling pagefile, increasing the size, fixing it at a given size
  • Creating a 1920x1079 profile in nvidia to get full refreshrate going
  • Enabling and disabling gaming mode in Windows
  • Disabling any background programs (apps in the settings and in general any open programs/tasks)
  • Disabling superfetch
  • Enabled LargePageUtil
  • Allowed Locking in of memory for all users
  • Windows Update as well as BIOS updates

I might forgot some things I've already tried out, but for now I'm really just lost what else I could try out to get this game running smooth. I also have no other issues with any game I am playing other than EFT and never had any stutter issues or freezes before.
If you have any clue as how to help me, I'll take any suggestions to just get this game running. Thanks a lot for reading through all this :)

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Hey fellas,

Sounds like your dealing with the same issue I've been troublshooting for several days now.

Step 1 on the launcher go to settings and clear temp files.

Step 2 Change your in game settings off High texture settings.

(I literally tested each texture settings with everything else off / ultra low for some reason high textures is one cause and I had previously ran high textures since start of this wipe when I bought the game)

There is some other settings causing issues when set on high but I haven't pinned them down yet as I am doing a slow methodical testing of this BS. I took a month break and came back to a stuttering freezing cluster*uck.

I'm using Medium in game settings atm with everything else mirroring Jdogth3wise in his youtube video I am linking here without issue when I want to do a real run.



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My story is pretty much the same, with a little bit more salt on the wound:

Recently bought the game, and I was pretty bummed when I realized that I can not play on my GNU/Linux setup. (I know it is not supported, but a lot - and I mean a LOT - of game works just fine with Wine / DXVK / Proton / whatever...) I could log in to the menu, but failed to start a map, due to the anti-cheat garbage solution in it... could not load, not even on my trusty GPU passthrough set-up Windows VM! Thanks Battleye.
Anyway, after I configured a dual-boot (giving up my precious principles), I have to say:

This game is one of the best fps I ever played gameplay wise (!), but the "technological" aspect of it is laughable at best. Yes I know it's in beta, but still... constant stuttering, no matter how much FPS or RTT I have.

Do not dare to say that I have potato PC, cause I have not.

  • M.2 SSD 960 EVO (NVMe)
  • INTEL Core i5-6500 3.2-3.6 GHz
  • HyperX FURY DDR4 2133MHz 2x8 GB
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 SC  upgraded to 1070 G1 Gaming 8G (rev. 2.0) - just for EFT

It's not a high-end PC by any means I know, but it get's the job done in every other (AAA) games I play.

To fix the constant micro-shutter nightmare, I rolled up my sleeves, and tried the following:

  1. Tweaked all the in game (Graphics)- and Nvidia (control panel) Settings as well as every single combination of them!
    (eg.: vsync turned ON in game, but turned OFF in 3D settings and vice-versa. Both ON, both OFF. You get the idea.)
  2. Tried various VGA driver versions, even changed my OS from Windows 10 to 8.1... 
  3. Watched a good deal of Youtube tutorials in the matter, installed 3rd party programs like Process Lasso etc.

Still... I stuck with the damn micro-freezes.

As for the Support...

I contacted them with my first (network connection issue) which was - as I found out days later - caused by the anti-cheat stuff. I had to learn that the support is not reading what you write, just copy-paste some pre-formed sh*t.



Network connection issue, with - either: " Server connection lost " - or: " Game aborted " message when loading the game. Reconnecting doesn't help, nor using VPN. Firewall is turned off completely, no issues with my connection in other games.


... It may be a Route/DNS problem, We recommend that you try to use a VPN at least for now. Or make sure your connection isn't experiencing any problems. If possible reset (connect and disconnect) your modem (from the internet provider) We also ask you to check your connection and play on servers close to your location. Routing problems and packet loss can increase ping and bring a bad gaming experience. If the problem continues let us know...


Yes, I did try using VPN (multiple times, different ones in fact). Pinging certain sites revealed that there is no connection issue whatsoever, but I've restarted my router just to be sure. (As I've said: even other online games and other applications had no problem.) Tried other DNS providers as well. Changing game servers did not solve the problem above either. Nevertheless, when it's working, I really enjoy your game, so thank you all for your hard work! :) Is there any news about Linux support by any chance?


Our game is still in development, so our servers will still undergo several upgrades until launch.
We ask you to understand that due to the increase in players from the last few days our servers may experience instability, however if the problem always happens, you need to check your connection, considering that other players can play without any problem.

So next time I just sent them a Crash dump.

Wow, what a WOT did I just ... nvm. The point is: this game is really good, but I got micro stutters and there is nothing I can do - from the user perspective - to solve it, so it's up to the devs I guess.

Edit.: typos

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It is was the sound! Today, the BsgLauncher started with the following notification:


Important! Steam-audio is temporarily TURNED OFF!

The game (for me at least) is butter smooth since!

(Either this, or the latest patch did something behind the scenes... don't know.)

I'm one happy gamer now. :)

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Hey can you help me figure out how to fix this same issue one on one since Im experiencing this on my new pc


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I can try for sure... but first things first: what hardware do you have, which OS did you try?

There are a lot of tutorials about how to setup the vga driver and the in game settings properly.
Check them out, because in the majority of cases, you can find a solution there.

Almost all of them focuses on the video settings, but for me, the binaural sound in the audio settings was to blame, after an incorrect implementation of steam audio from BSG. I think they fixed that by now.

The other common issue is that no proper codecs are installed on your operating system, which leads to frequent crashes...
I don't know the details, so you have to do a lot of manual work for yourself, trial and error I guess.

Good luck!

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Check your CPU, GPU, RAM usage when you're playing, your PC is probably infected or there's some software running in the background, try that

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