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PMC group spawn problem

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I'm playing your game for a while now and am very much enjoying it!

There is one thing I'd really like you to improve though:

I'm playing together with a friend who needs very long to load the map - there are generally 2+ minutes difference between our loading times.

This causes us to not spawn together, since the game doesnt wait for him to load before starting: I'd start when the round starts and he gets late spawn.

This is problematic, because when I try to stay at the spot where I spawned (and he will spawn 2 min later), I have to defend against passing groups of players who spawned nearby.

When I start playing and moving into a better position as soon as I spawn, he is alone on spawn and it takes a  lot of effort to regroup.

Either way, when this happens, I die before he spawns most of the time, and he will have to try completing the round on his own before we can try to play together again.

I'm enjoying the game very much when we can play together though, which happens sometimes when we have matching times of 2min+, which makes up for the difference in loading times.

I'd be incredibly happy if you could do something about this issue - my suggestions are:

   a) If you group up before a match, let the whole group wait for the slowest player in the group.

   I'd much rather have a late spawn together with my friend, than spawning at the beginning of a match without him. If thats not how everyone feels about this, you could make it an option at the time of group creation/spawn.

   b) Let the player in the same group, who gets late spawn because of long loading times, spawn next to the players who already have spawned and are on the move.

   Im not sure about this ( b) ) being abusable though.


Thank you very much for reading and keep up the good work!



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