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Game Crash on Exfil (SCAV)


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When extracting as a SCAV: The "Victory" audio will queue, the screen will go black, my desktop mouse will show up randomly, the border appears on my fullscreen game and then game will close back to the BSG Launcher with the Error Message displaying the Game Ended Unexpectedly with no Cause or error codes given.

This happens every single time I play, every day that I play.

I use the Error Message Box to send a Report to Devs everytime, I have done this so often today alone I have hit my limit of reporting crashes, as I do most days. Literally can not name the date of last "successful" extract as a SCAV.

Included is last dump when it happened. Reserve as Scav.

2020.08.24_4-37-34_0.12.7.8694 application.log 2020.08.24_4-37-34_0.12.7.8694 backend_queue.log 2020.08.24_4-37-34_0.12.7.8694 errors.log 2020.08.24_4-37-34_0.12.7.8694 nvidia.log 2020.08.24_4-37-34_0.12.7.8694 traces.log

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