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Suggestion about spawns

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I know the game is still in beta, and i also know that you are aiming to provide an ''open world'' game so the spawns are probably going to change anyway, still i want to give a suggestion for the time being and maybe it will be usefull also later on (plus, i bet spawn are a major argument out here so you will probably already figured out a new way to replace the actual one). 

I really enjoy the game, even with the problems that it has (like every game). But what really ''ruin'' the experience for me, it's to sit on the menu for 10 minutes equipping myself, sit in matchmaking for 3 minutes (which is fine, i'm not saying ''it's to much'', but still, i'm not actually playing the game) and then, 20 seconds after spawning, literally 20 seconds, i find myself already fighting with someone else, who probably is in my same situation. I'm not complaining about being spawn-rushed, i think knowing the spawns is part of a ''skill sistem'' which will allow you to increase your chanche of surviving but still, it really break the immersion, and it's actually very harsh to die in the first 2 minutes of the raid, simply because you have way to many spawns to check around you.

I will leave the more ''complex'' way to fix this to you, developers, because you are probably way better then me at solving those kinds of problems, but have you ever consider, at least for the time being, to actually show where people are spawning at the start of the raid? In the deploying screen you will showcase to everyone where everyone's spawning. It will be still random spawns, and you don't have to tell if it's a solo, a duo etc.etc. Just put a map on the deploying screen which some sorts of ''danger'' markers, to at least know which direction you have to be more carefull about for the first 2 minutes of the raid, that's it. 

I really love the concept of an hardcore game, and i actually hope and bet that Tarkov will become even more hardcore, i'm totally fine with it, and you may argument that this thing that i am proposing is going to the opposite direction. Well, know something it's surely better then know nothing, but this will be an information that will be absolutely obsolete after the first minute of a raid, and i think it will:
1) Make the game way more enjoyable, you will still have that ''adrenaline rush'' of the spawn because now people KNOW where you spawn, so the spawn rush will still be an option to not underestimate, but you will also have the chance to say ''okay, i just want a smooth raid, i'd like to avoid PvP because i have to do some tasks, there's someone spawning there, so i will go this way'' and AT LEAST for the first minute of the raid, you will be on the clear. Or also, you can say, ''okay we are sorrounded by other people, let's be ready for a fight and take that fight''. I mean, everything it's aimed to not spawn in  someone else scope, because that's really what happens now in many maps (for my experience, mostly interchange, i'm actually fine with factory because if you go factory, you go for PvP, but that's just my opinion). It's not to ''Make things easier'', it's just to make things more enjoyable and even, more realistic.
2) Maybe you will make the first minutes fights more tactical, instead then just being a straight off standoff. I think every fight can be tactical in this game, but sometimes happen that you will be rushed at the spawn by a 4 man squad 20 seconds into the raid and that's it. And again, i'm not complaining about squads, if something like that will happens mid raid or even 5 minutes into the raid, it's fine, that's the power of squads, overwelm people, it's okay. But i don't find spawning in someone else scope allright by any means, the only thing that make it okay it's that sometimes happens to you, sometimes happens to them. You can argue that's RNG, and there is a lot of RNG involved in this game, but i still don't see how dying 20 seconds into the raid by something you can't predict (or you can, but if you know there's 4 spawns all close to you, can you watch 4 different directions at the same time?) it's the aiming for a game with so much details and factors.

Now, sorry for this wall of text, just wanted to make clear my ''thought process'' and i didn't want to sound like ''spawns sucks'', it's really not what BSG deserve, because this game is actually AMAZING, and i think with the right feedbacks will become ever better. 
I also apologize if there are (and there will be) grammatical errors or sentences that are hard to understand, english it's not my native language so i try to manage myself. 

I hope you will find this idea interesting, and if not, i'll be glad to know why, it will ''open'' my mind to new way of thinking the game.
I wish you all a good day, keep up the good work!

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