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Hello Awesome Devs at Tarkov and awesome community, 

I recently discovered that in Tarkov you have a Service Tab for Traders(Ragman only  one active) to get cooler clothes which gave me the Idea that maybe  I should pitch some ideas for some  of the Traders and what they can offer you in exchange for your money . 

Let's start with Prapor

  • Option 1 :  Make it so at services you have a better detailed on what insurances are about to arrive and see a small status of what will you get back in exchange for rubles  (only weapons found, some armor pieces retrieved) which will indicate if you need to spend money on making yourself another weapon or wait 3 more hours and your old baby will be back into your hands .
  • Option 2 : While I still want to see better details on what insurances are pending to come.. how about a function that will let me spend x amount of rubles to get my items right away . Now this I can see why it's not an awesome idea as people with 100mil rubles will just instantly press that button . But if you can implement an algorithm that for example..my insurance was 100k , and I should get my items in 24 hours.. Make it so if I want to get something back and it's over the 24h mark it would cost me : insurance  + (hours left *30k) and I don't think people will abuse it that hard then  since it would cost  820k rubles just to get your stuff faster with 1 day.(or you could devise a better formula)  Or just add a mechanic that I can pay X amount of rubles which is calculated based on how much my insurance was to just take 5 hours off my time of return.  Why ? it's like in real life sometimes.. IF you want "priority/express services " you pay extra than everyone else right ? 
  • Option 3 is basically a bit of both and maybe even a "cancel insurance" why ? maybe If i remember this will only bring me back a mosin and a backpack I can cancel and get x percent back out of my insurance . I see a lot of people complain about quests that involve mosin and when they flood their stash and another dozen come from insurances 

Next Up The Therapist

  • Option 1 : Sometimes I forget to heal myself up so having to go to her and pay that amount of money for her to heal me..I like that..it's simple and worthwhile 
  • Option 2 : Is having her inject you with combat stims pre raid . What does this mean .. Let's say you go in raid..buy yourself the stim that gives you movement speed and instead of taking it with you in the raid.. Therapist gives you the shoot and you start the raid with it Active.. I don't think it will be major game braking + I have very few ideas for Doctor Lady as usually with doctors you either Heal or get buffs and I don't want to ask for some "unknown stims" that might feel ..unrealistic. 

Let's go for the Mechanic as he is cool

  • Option 1 :  As you can unlock clothes for your PMC based on rep and money and level the same can be done for your gun, like I would like to pain some of my handles pink..cause I can. Or put a sticker on my AK (yes I know you will lose it but it's nothing wrong in having some customization options for your favorite gun) 
  • Option 2 : And this again is based on rep/money/level Is you give him a weapon.. let's say an AK and you give him some money and he will deliver you a custom AK . I got this idea from his Gunsmith quests that since he doesn't have time for it does not mean he does not know how to do it. So You can even add a thing in which you ask for specific parameters to be obtained like Recoil under 40 and he will do the best to add the best in slot items so your recoil will under 40 but maybe at the cost of other things like a cheap ass sight or what not. 
  • Option 3 : Is have him be like a Once every 4 hours he will have a custom weapon for sale at X amount of rubles. And you just go and buy it and use it. 

For Skier and Peacekeer atm I have no real good ideas and I hate Jeager soo much I don't want him to have a Service (would be nice that everyone has at least something)


I'm really excited to hear what everyone has to say about it :)

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- Option 1, the exciting thing about insurance is that you dont know what and if it does come back
- Option 2 s really bad imo, and exactly because of the reason you stated aswell as the fact that no1 will insure with therapist anymore thus making therapist's insurance obsolete.
- Option 3, if u are gonna cancel the insurance, why insure in the first place?


- Option 1 , I really like this idea and it would be a good addition
- Option 2, This will be too strong since you can have a instant strenght / endurance / healing buff as soon as u spawn in, people that dont buy them will be at a disadvantage straight away


- Option 1, what would it add? it will only cause distractions + for stickers you can play Csgo.
- Option 2, Presets, simple as that, already in the game. you just have to build them yourself once and save them.
- Option 3, pretty cool idea, but i think this will make that a lot of attachments wont ever sell on the flea market because of the custom gun mechanic sells at that point.

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