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Selling your items: Making the most of it.

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Hello my fellow former PMCs and scavengers!

In this guide I will try to make clear how to maximize your profits when selling your proverbial junk in game as of patch


Lets start with the eight traders:

Prapor will buy all of your weapons, loose sight attachments, grenades, dogtags, ammo, meds, and grenades. The only thing you should ever sell to him if you're trying to maximize your profits is your grenades, as the other traders will give you more for the other items than he will, and well, he's the only guy who will buy them (bar Fence).

Therapist unlike Prapor does not deal in any kind of weapons or weapon parts, only in medicine, food, keys, storage containers, and the majority of barter items, including dogtags. She will give you more money for your barter items, meds, keys, and food than anyone else, spare Jaeger.

Fence is a very unique, but terrible dealer if you're trying to maximize your profits. He's unique in the way that he will buy EVERYTHING except for secure containers, but he will buy them at an extremely low price compared to all other merchants. The only thing Fence is good for is for selling him things none of the others will take, such as completely broken armor and melee weapons before you unlock Jaeger.

Skier used to be THE guy to go for with special attachments, but recently Mechanic has taken over his business by simply paying more for everything that Skier does. Avoid sell your things to Skier unless you're purposefully trying to increase the money spent with him when increasing his Loyalty Level.

Peacekeeper is an odd fellow compared to the rest of the bunch. That is because instead of buying things for rubles like all the other merchants, he buys things for american dollars. He will buy weapons, weapon parts, armor and head wear (including helmets) as well as ammunition and unlike any other trader (except for Fence), he will also buy intelligence related items such as USBs and SSDs. Since he's the only guy who's willing to buy intelligence items other than Fence, he's the guy to go to.

Mechanic is currently THE guy to go for when selling anything weapon or ammo related except for shotgun and sniper rifle base receivers, just keep in mind he will also buy some of your barter items, but for a lower price than Therapist or Jaeger will.

Ragman is Tarkov's gear connoisseur so to speak. He will buy and pay the most out of any merchant for your earpieces, head wear, face cover, armbands, body armor, eye wear, tactical rigs, backpacks, and storage containers, as well as being the only one to buy your secure containers.

Finally we have Jaeger. He will buy almost, but not quite everything that Therapist would normally buy for the same price, as well as buying shotguns, sniper rifles and knives. He'll give you the best deal when you're selling said shotgun and sniper receivers and knives just keep in mind that Mechanic will take more for the attachments.


Now with the traders out of the way, lets talk about items marked as "found in raid":

If you're going to sell something that is "found in raid", if you're level 10 or higher, always check the going price of that item on the flea market as well as with whatever merchant would give you the most for it and from there make up your mind if it's worth your time selling the item on the flea market (say, if the price on the market is higher than what the merchants would give you), or if you may as well sell it directly to the merchants (such as when an item is worth the same on the market as it is to the merchant, or if the fee would end up netting you less than just straight up selling it).


For those of you thinking, "TL;DR": I've got just the thing for you down here as well, as a quick reference point.

  • If you're level 10+, always check the flea market first if you think there might be a better deal than directly to merchants.
  • Food, medicine, and barter items to Jaeger or Therapist
  • Keys and dogtags to Therapist
  • Ammunition, weapon mods, and weapons that aren't shotguns/bolt-action rifles to Mechanic
  • Bolt-action rifles (snipers) and shotguns (just the receivers - remember to disassemble your weapons) to Jaeger
  • Gear, storage containers, and secure containers to Ragman
  • Intelligence items to Peacekeeper
  • Completely broken armor to Fence

If you want a quick "sell order" to get the most of your stuff I recommend this order of selling everything to the merchants:

Ragman -> Jaeger -> Therapist -> Mechanic -> Prapor -> Peacekeeper > Fence


I hope this guide will help you maximize your profits in Tarkov, or if you already knew everything it had to say, that it will function as a quick reference guide for the future.

Good luck, and see you in Tarkov!

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