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Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read my guide for Escape from Tarkov. I’m not the best at writing, but it is something I find fun, so here it is.There will be YouTube links for some examples, so hopefully that’s allowed!



Hi! I’m Helios. I’ve been playing this game since .8 and since then, I’ve come a long way. I have stopped playing this game, but I’ve meet new players who have been frustrated about playing this game and how difficult it is and how the skill curve is too steep. My goal here is to impart my knowledge from years of experience to those new players!




Stamina in Tarkov is what powers your movement. You can’t run with a red stamina bar and that’s simple. In Tarkov however, there are two stamina bars. Don’t be intimidated, it’s really simple.


The Blue Bar is stamina for your arms. These power your melee attacks, getting up from prone, and holding your gun up straight. If your arm stamina is empty, you cannot melee attack, getting up from prone will be significantly slower, and your gun will wobble as if it were broken when aiming down your sights.


The Green Bar is your leg stamina. They power your jumps, stamina, and also getting up from prone. If it’s empty, you CANNOT jump, or run. Getting up from prone will just also be slower.




Basic Movement

Okay we’ll speed run the really basic stuff

W - Walk forward

A - Walk to your left

S - Walk backwards

D - Walk to your right

Spacebar - Jump

Shift - Run



By using your scroll wheel, you can change how fast or slow you move. This in turn will also change how much noise you make. 



By holding C then using scroll wheel, you can change what height your PMC will be at. This is useful for using cover to be able to shoot while minimizing exposed body parts.


Alright, glad we got that out of the way. Now, let’s get into some more specifics. 




Q - Lean Left

E - Lean Right

Leaning in Tarkov is very important as it allows you to either quick peek and get information with very little risk, or shoot from cover while minimizing exposed body parts.

Combining Alt+Q/E will have your PMC do a sidestep

It’s just a bigger lean when used standing up or crouched.

However, using it while prone will allow you to strike from unexpected angles



Another thing you can do with your Alt Key is smooth leaning which is also just like side stepping, in that it is situational. However, smooth leaning can be used for very specific lines of sights that would be annoying to do otherwise. Most of the time however, you are better off using standard Q and E leans.


Alt+D/A - Smooth Lean




Movement Strats

Alright, now let’s get into the things that I’m most excited about, and that’s more advanced movement. First, let’s get into a newcomer habit that gets lots of players killed as they’re caught off guard and that’s stutter stepping.


Stutter Stepping

It’s gonna get you killed


Stutter Stepping is when you simply let go of you W key while sprinting. This will cause your PMC to immediately stop but will cause them to slide a tiny bit. During that tiny slide, your gun WILL NOT be brought up and you WILL NOT be able to input any other movement during this time.




However, this can easily be negated by pressing the shift key again. This will cause your PMC to bring his gun up and allow other movement inputs. 


Another way to negate this problem is to actually go into settings and change sprint from “release” and change it into “hold”. This will cause your sprint key to be a press and hold meaning that so long as the shift key is held down, you will keep running. Upon releasing the sprint key, you will bring your gun up instead of stutter stepping.


Bunny Hopping

You’re not going to speed like phoon during CS:S days, but you will move a bit faster.


Bunny Hopping is in Tarkov, just not as strong early game. This movement strat is best used with high strength and endurance with just how both tie in with this strat. Bunny Hopping is useful in Tarkov but will leave you vulnerable to getting killed if you’re caught with your pants down.


To do Bunny Hop, sprint then jump. Before you land, just double tap your jump key and you’ll start to Bunny Hop.(W+ _ _)


You will be faster depending on strength and endurance, but it will burn your stamina quickly leaving you unable to run if you start getting shot at.


Best time to use this is if you want to get somewhere close by quickly and can burn stamina. However, for long distances, you’re better off running normally.


Quick Peeking



Quick peeking in Tarkov is a lot like quick peeking in other games such as CS:GO, Valorant, and other FPS shooters. You go up to a corner, expose yourself really quickly to get information, then back out. Maybe shoot a round and get a lucky shot if you’re feeling lucky.


However, there’s a thing I like to do and I want to pad out how much I’m writing so I’ll expose it here.


By combining lean while quick peeking, it will make you a bit safer. I think. 


It’s like quick peeking in Siege. By combining lean with your peeks you can only expose your head to get info then have your head come back quickly to a safer place. To pull this off, just lean in the direction you’re going with a tap then move back into cover as your head comes back.


Does it actually work? I don’t know, but I feel safer doing it.



Importance of Map Knowledge


Now, that you have the tools, it’s now time to talk about when to use them. How well you use movement isn’t based off the cool tricks that you can do, it’s about where you can do it and effectively apply the strat.


1.  https://clips.twitch.tv/EnergeticMildChoughTwitchRaid




One thing that they all have in common is map knowledge. 


In the first clip, did you know there’s a pathway from hole in the wall to behind Aqua?

Worrun, Veritas, and all YouTubers that we look up and admire have been playing this game for a very long time. They know a lot about each of the maps in the game to where they know it like the back of their hand.


Lots of things can happen in Tarkov. It’s best to have tools ready for situations that can happen and those that are less likely to happen.


Understanding the Map


On every map, there are cool tricks that you can use to get the upper hand on people. Flank routes, doors, cheeky angles and blindspots litter every map that we play on. It’s just up to the player to find and exploit them. However, those are things that you can only get better with time.

By playing a map more and more, you start to notice things such as what noise is made by the player. Each action and step makes a noise that you can use to your advantage.

 For example, in Customs Dorms, metal is only on the stairs outside the building. With this, you can prepare an ambush by pre-aiming the door and waiting for them to open it.

Another example is bathrooms in Factory. If you hear wood, you know someone is in the filing cabinet side of the hallways, in safe room, in breach room, or locked room.

For newcomers, I recommend looking up a map of where you’re going to so you know the Evac points and know where you’re going. It is extremely important for understanding the map.




Information is key in this game like so many other games. If you have information, you can act on it effectively. However, in Tarkov, information is something that you will lack. You have two things that can provide information however and that’s your ears and eyes.

In Tarkov, most of the time, you will die because you didn’t have information.

“I thought it was only one”

“There was a grenade?”

“Where’d I get shot from?”

Before you act, sometimes it’s better to wait a bit. If you can hear them, listen to what they’re doing. Here are some questions to ask yourself to get more info.

  • Are they looting? 

These are important questions to ask yourself before acting. If they’re looting, then they’re likely more lax and might be sloppy checking corners. They have no clue you’re here if they’re looting so you can set up an ambush to catch someone off guard and getting an easy kill.

  • How many sets of feet do you hear?

The amount of pairs of feet you hear is also important. It tells you how many people there are and is extremely important as it tells you if a fight is over after the last kill. Many players die from greed, as they dive the first kill they get only to get thunder clapped by the 4 other monkeys  guarding the body.

  • What guns do they have?

If you’re lucky, you can hear someone reloading or checking their magazine. Each platform in Tarkov has a noise unique to them. As you play the game, you’ll get to know them more. But, I recommend watching videos of the gun being used so you can get used to it quicker. With this information, you can guess if its a rat, or a chad player. Cheap guns will likely have a player running less armor and gear meaning an easier kill while expensive guns will signal a player with heavy armor and ammo.

  • Where are they?

If you know where they are, you know where you can move while being undetected. If they’re in a room, you can position outside of the room to catch them leaving. If they’re in a hallway, you can position by a corner and peek to light them up.

  • Is it worth it?

The single most important question to ask yourself to have fun in Tarkov. If you die, you die. You lose everything on you except your secure container. But, your gun and armor are likely gone. Compare what you have to lose and how it will affect you to what you can possibly gain and the chances of that happening.




How to Have Fun

Now, I stopped playing Tarkov simply because I just stopped having fun with it. At level 14, I have high end equipment and 2 million roubles. For me, the game is a grindfest that I have no one to play with as my friends have moved on from the game. I’ll come back when Streets of Tarkov releases though. Map looks dope.


Get Friends

Get someone to play with. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter. Find someone you can banter around with and just have fun with the game. This game has moments that will have you and your friends talking about it for years to come. From being pinned down by Killa in Kiba and getting dropped as you try to smack Killa in the head with a Mosin, to your friend jumping out a window with a Grach and unloading the entire magazine into a poor hatchling. Games are most fun when played with a friend. The game feels less grindy and more like a place to hang out after school or work with friends. My best memories are on this very game and not any other just because of the stuff you can do in Tarkov. This game has a lot more freedom than other games do, so take advantage of it!


Do Something Stupid

Doing something stupid is fun too. Personally, I like roleplaying as a certain group of people who use AKs and shemaghs. But, you can roleplay as a character from a different game. Ash from Rainbow Six, or Doc with a Fort and MP5 with an Acog. Just have some fun with the game. 


Using Previous Game Knowledge

If you’re playing Tarkov, you’ve likely played other games before. If this is your first game, welcome! Good luck.


The people who have played other games though, don’t be afraid to use your knowledge of the previous game to your advantage. Try out things that worked in your game in Tarkov. 


If you played games like Call of Duty, grab a gun and use your reflexes and aim to force players into duels that you can win. Aim for the head!


If you played games like League of Legends, you can use your macro knowledge to guess where they could go next. Are they going to push you? Maybe a trap such as a grenade can buy you time or even kill them if they keep pushing.

If you played games like Arma, you can try to use tactics from there with friends in this game and slaughter people.


The important takeaway from this is to play with your strengths and use your brain to come out on top of the situation. If you die, it’s fine. Reflect on your loss and go back into a raid smarter than you were before.


Closing Notes

It was fun writing this. I don’t expect to win, but I hope that I gave some good enough knowledge and made a few people smile. Good luck in Tarkov.



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