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A story for thee, Oh Tarkov Beginner


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So that you can become somewhat a raid winner

At first you'll be fazed, and surely left dazed
At the clunky UI before you
But worry not, sitting top spot
Is Escape From Tarkov in full view

Below that is Character,
It's where you'll equip your first gun
Be it pistol, or AK,
Or a Mosin for some fun.

Then you have Traders,
With them you'll find supplies
Good deals all around,
Except for Fence's lies.

Now pick a place and a time,
And insure for a dime,
Because if you die,
Then items return, give it a try!

Now go back to your Scav,
You've only just start!
Wasting loot so early,
that isn't so smart!

Now click to ready up.
And wherever you go,
Just hope for God's sake,
The wait time is low!

And lo and behold,
You probably died in raid,
Surely my boy you must be afraid.

But fear not my friend,
You got test the controls.
This isn't the end,
But the start of loot goals.

The Traders value,
Increases with loyalty.
Now to acquire some levels,
Quests pay EXP Handsomely.

To start with you'll have Shortage and Debut,
Nikita an update to these is long overdue!

Now to Customs you go,
Wait you haven't learned the map?
Oh, then your best bet is the Tarkov Buddy App!

Kill Scavs, collect loot.
Check even their pockets.
And learn the stashes,
Did you know a T-Plug is for Russian power sockets?

For now this is enough,
The rest is up to you.
Hands-on is best but tough,
And you my friend are in for a slew.

One day you'll fatten your stash,
Your tactics compared to Karpov.
It'll depend on how long you crash,
Here in Escape from Tarkov.

(I tried...ish)

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