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Free the Scopes! (rework Zeroing)


Rework of Zeroing?  

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  1. 1. What do you guys think about the zeroing on optics? Should it be changed, or not?

    • Rework it, to make it more like Real-Life. Fine increment. Start at 0.
    • Let scopes/optics start at 0. Otherwise, keep it, as it is.
    • Keep it, as it its.

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Please! Do a quick overhaul of the Zeroing-System. 

It doesn´t have to be extremely complicated, just let us zero our weapons ourself instead of using the standart-ammo as fixed increment/basis.

Like, as simple as:

  • A range of 0 to 400
  • Starting at 0 for point blank!
  • Increment of 10 or 20

If you don´t wanna change it at all, PLEASE, atleast put all optics to 0 as standart and not 25/50/... 
That we can also effectively use faster bullets then the standart-ammo.
Like atm, the 7N37 is effectively unuseable with most optics, since the bullet is ~double speed as pst-gzh 😥 


For everyone that doesn´t know, how zeroing exactly works in Tarkov at the moment:

The game takes the standart-ammunition for every weapon with vanilla-mods (barrels, muzle devises,...) and calculates the range increment for exactly that combination. If you put a Scope/Sight on your weapon, you will perfectly hit targets at set distance, wich you can set via the built in Zeroing system (that you can set to like 25,50,100,200,...).
But the momen,t you use another ammunition (wich is  often faster/slower), any other barrels, silencers, flash-hiders, etc. that effect your muzzle velocity, it gets more and more inaccurate.
To the point, where zeroing is completely useless or even impossible, like stated above with 7N37 as an example.

And thanks to the devs for that otherwise very cool game. ❤️

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There is also a huge issue with the mills being completely off on all scopes, they need a serious rework to say the least, but it would be nice to make long shots with a degree of accuracy rather than having to grab a rifle and an optic and learning its individual Kentucky windage. I would love to see the ability, for the people that want to put in the time, to make long shots over 500M or even over a 1KM especially when we get to the point of being able to maneuver around the combined maps. 

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