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Lower frames after update?


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After the last couple of updates my frames have dropped dramaticaly.

The last couple of months my fps has been great. (usually around 90 and sometime above 100) but the last 2 weeks after a couple of small updates my frames have dropped dramtically. Now i struggle to keep my frames at 60. I have tried changing some setting but nothing works. i would say my pc is high end pc and dont understamd whats happening. 

Anyone else have this problem ?


I have a RTX 2060 card and ryzen 7 2700x CPU.

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Just droped in to try Tarkov after few months and yeah. I used to have 90-100 fps with R5 3600 1070Ti now on customs i run 60ish. It ducking sucks because now i cant use scopes again. duck this poo.

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