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My Guide for New Players

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My Guide for New Players


Hello all new escapers! Welcome to Escape From Tarkov! This post is meant to help new players with the game and assist them with getting to lvl 10 (Flea Market). This can be used by older or veteran players too, but is mainly aimed at new players. This will highlight many of mine and my friends' experiences, plus things we have learned along the way. Remember to take notes! (or just remember)

Part one - LEARN THE MAPS!!!

This is very important to getting familiarized and comfortable with the game. The best map to learn first is Customs, Although I learned Interchange first, I’ve come to realize that customs is the way to go. Customs gives you a taste of everything from PvP to PvE to good loot to game knowledge in general. When learning maps, offline mode is your best friend! I personally didn’t know that offline mode existed at first even though it was right in my face, which drastically harmed my map learning and my character’s development (dying left and right made me lose a lot of gear, a whole bunch of those sweet roubles, and almost made me quit the game). So the lesson here? Use offline mode. Just go into an offline raid, and learn little parts of the map at a time, and once you’ve learned the map, go into a real raid fully prepared!



When it comes to either learning about PvP or getting free loot (that's if you survive of course), scavs are always there for you. Scavs spawn with a random loadout, which can be really helpful at some times (I've made my stash empty and scav raids have pulled me out of that hole). Scavs can make you roubles, they can get you weapons, they can give you gear, they can give you whatever they please. The greatest thing about scavs is that they help you with PvP. Scavs let you try out the range of guns and gear that they spawn with, getting you comfortable with the realistic gunplay in this game, and they help greatly with learning how to win in a firefight. The gist is, use scavs as much as possible.


Part three - Dealers and Quests

Dealers are very important to the game. They will sell you with things ranging from food to weapons. The most important part about dealers for new players are the quests. Quests are missions that the dealers give you that if completed, you get rewards, and a bunch of XP. XP is very important to getting to lvl 10 and the flea market as gaining XP the only way you can get to lvl 10. Sure you can gain XP by getting kills and looting and walking around, but if you’re anything like me when I was new, you can’t really get kills and it's hard for you to get around without getting lost. I didn’t even think about doing quests until I was lvl 4 or 5, which took me a few weeks to get to because of how horrible I was at the game. Once I started doing my quests, I made it to lvl 10 in about one week. Don’t feel bad for trying to do quests at any means possible either. I get most of my difficult quests or found in raid quests by hiding in bushes and then stabbing my friend in the foot at extract to get the found in raid, which is very important for quests and the flea market.


Part four - DONT HAVE GEAR FEAR!!!!

I was a big victim of gear fear for a long time. Never be afraid to take your gear into a fight and lose it. It’s gonna happen. All gear will get lost at some point. I was once so afraid to take my good gear out that I only did scav raids for a week, waiting those long 20 minutes for my scav to reset. You don't want to do this, get your PMC out and about, grind that XP and level up all his stats. You won't be able to do either of those if you have gear fear.


Final part - HAVE FUN!!!

The 2 biggest things for me in this game are getting roubles and having fun. You will die, you will lose all your gear, you will encounter a bug or two, you will encounter a cheater. It happens. Murphy’s law applies to this game more than any other game “what can go wrong, will go wrong.” But, even after I have a horrible death, I keep playing the game! There is no point in stopping if you can grind back up within a week's time! The risk to reward ratio is something special. Don't let that stop you from having fun.


Thanks for reading guys! - You’re friendly neighborhood BEAR, antikitdotpng

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