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HELPPPP game wont download :(

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Hello Everyone. I cannot get my eft game to download whatsoever. Ive tried reinstalling the launcher. Deleting the temp files. Even went into registry and deleted everything associated with battlestate. But I keep getting this message every time. 


The process cannot access the file 'c:\Battlestategames\bsglauncher\temp\
(live)eftclientdistr. because it is being used by another process.


Does someone know the fix? I feel like im losing my mind over here.


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4 minutes ago, FuzzyMuffins said:

Same brother, been trying to fix all day but it seems to be a BSG problem. They've admitted to it being their problem only thing is who knows how long it'll take


Huge bummer man. Was really looking forward to hopping back in.

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8 minutes ago, tobiassolem said:

Hello rinlo!

Please have a look here:

And see if this solves your issue.

How do I launch the launcher with a separate browser?

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