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Fix shoreline spawns hmm?


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It happened to me in woods also, spawned near outskirts, was waiting for a friend to spawn in as well. He was 10 seconds ingame, we were about to leave our spawn bam, some proplayer takes us both down.
Some players know the map so good, they know where are the closest spawns and they check those for their own safety imo. They have probably been killed themselves this way and want to prevent it.

When playing a 3man or 4man squad I've noticed that some players (due to pc performance i presume) are spawning in 5, 10 even 15 or 20 seconds later then the first player on the map.
So If you have the advantage of having a good internet connection and a high end PC, chances are big you'll be spawning in as first.
I thought they made sure that all players spawn in at the same time, "synchronizing with players"?

I guess it is difficult to make the other players wait like 10-20 ish more seconds till all players are actually able to spawn in?
And add more spawnplaces so players are not spawning near each other. Or make sure that players who spawn in, are not directly visible out in the open. put them in a bush/ behind or in a structure.


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