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I cant.. Escape from tarkov uninstalled.

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Escape from tarkov uninstalled!

I tried every possible tactic (early extraction, late extraction, sneak, hide, night raid) to get lvl 10 but i cant, after 40h playing im out with only 2 PMC kills and to many deads, I dont see any of my killers, maybe that was hackers or pro players I dont know but im done.

Its not possible me on lvl 5 to play with players on lvl 50+, they kill me easier than scav.

Yes I played offline (I learned only customs map) on online difficality and horde for practice and yes I killed 15-20 scaves every time ( Im not bad shooter) and extract almost every time,  IT IS NOT SAME AS ONLINE we need to practice with real players and play with players on similar lvl as new players, give us new game mode for practice, smaller map faster game with random gear. (more suggestions on my previous topic: Newbie starter help )

I dont understand developers, game have such potential and they dont care about new players, why? Why? What they have against new players who wants to play this game, casual players not streamers, yes we have jobs and lifes but we love toplay games when we have time (1-2h daily)

You have my money keep it, i dont care about that, game is awesome, yes its beta, they will change game but hey think about new players NOW game lose to many new players and losing every day.

My previous suggestion:

Best regrades and bye.

(P.S I really want to hear from devs or PR team plan about new player, are you have any plan how to prevent players from quit and grow active players database)

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Why do you need to get to lvl 10? I'm guessing you think access to flea market will radically change your success rate. It won't.

Focus on the tasks and traders and you will level faster. 


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