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I noticed that too, but i thinks its quite nice to have 48h + rainy weather, as it forces a more aggressive gameplay, since footsteps sounds are muffled by rain, and makes u apreciate more the sunny weather. And also, it actualy make the game looks so pretty and more hardcore.

As for fogg, its not realistic imo, you could surely tweak it to make it less of an issue for long range engagemnts, while still having some. I hope you plan to rework that part a bit.

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I know the old rumor was that they pull the weather from live weather in one of the major cities in Russia.  I forget which but you can search the forums and find it.  Since there is no snow in the game all precipitation equals rain.

I. Not sure if that is still true, but I swear it feels like every fall the complaints about rain start again.

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There's entirely too much rain, last three days nothing but rain. Maybe out of 40 raids I've played had 3 with sunny weather. This has got to stop. 

Few things about it: 

  • Rains entirely too long for the accelerated time scaling in the game.
  • The rain noise is too loud. 
  • Can hear rain inside all buildings, and is still too loud. Same for lightening strikes.
  • There's always fog with rain, which makes no sense. 
  • Fog indoors is bad.

At least until they get the rain balanced they should turn back the frequency and duration of the rain. Sucks to have the majority of my last few days playing spoiled by it.

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