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Adrenaline kick and painkillers.


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I'm gonna try and be as concise as possible, basically give the maximum level stress resistance berserk perk to everyone.

What my suggestion tries to fix: painkiller prepopping, more realistic approach to pain and adrenaline.

Suggestion is simple: once legs are fractured/blacked out, there would be a period of time where you could move normally as if you were ignoring your damaged legs, it would function as an adrenaline kick to try and counter people just prepopping morphine shots everywhere.

Currently the elite level perk for stress resistance gains you that ability, but i find it weird that only people that have level 51 in that skill can access basic bodily protection features.


It would implement great into the stress resistance perk tree aswell, where higher levels could perhaps extend the amount of time you remain in this adrenaline shot state. Or perhaps give low levels of stress resistance a movement speed nerf when under the effect, for example only being able to move at 60% of speed while under the effect. What do you guys think?

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