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Cool feature to think about!


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Hey Battlestate!

First of all, I absolutely love this game and will always love it and the more realistic it gets the better, in my opinion. 

One feature I'd love to see added is, toggle opening doors! Picture this: You're sneaking as quietly as you can and you know where someone is and they have their back turned to a door, you open the door ready to clap them, but they hear the door open and immediately turn on you and somehow kill you. I think a cool feature would be some way you can toggle to grab the door and open it at your own speed! Say you have it set to hold F instead of press F, you walk up, hold F and then it toggles your hand on the door and you can use the scroll wheel (or whatever) to open the door at the speed you want. 

The rat potential is endless!!!


Thanks for listening!



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Yesss, that`s what I would like to have. I imagine it as it is now in CoD MW, honestly, they did great job at mounting weapons at some wall etc. and with slowly opening doors (I`m talking especially about single player story) 

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