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My game is busted.............


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I keep getting 2-3 different errors consistantly, Errors like "NetworkworkError / SessionLostErrorMessage" as well as "Authorization error" i get both of these when i login even after i go into APPDATA and delete filed and or delete my launcher, hell even reinstalling the game didnt help me. Sometimes the game will log me in so i can access my gear, but when i go into a match it will never load me in, just say awaiting session start but no dice. The one time i made it into a match i played for 4 or 5 minutes before it gave me Lost server connection. Iv lost well over 700k worth of gear just trying to play, and these errors have persisted for well over 2 months........  I reached out to battlestate directly with a complaint and all that but they literally never got back to me. Its been a month now since iv reached out. Iv completed and i count 2 raids within the last 2 and a half months.......... Anyone know of a good fix?

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Try some basic fixes like the following and if it fails you would need to contact support.

- Logout from the Launcher, restart your computer, then log back in.
- Launch the game using the Battlestate Games Launcher which is found in the Battlestate Games Folder.
- Run the game as an Administrator.
- Exempt the game to your antivirus/firewall.

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