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Dev Question!


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I have enjoyed this game alot. I enjoy playing and help others learn the game and map. I have tried to applied for Sherpa but can not find out how.

does BSG do any type of partnership with communities? I own a esports Org and we have a big following for EFT, Actually got a few people that got the game and they continue to pass it on and we grow. I was wondering if there was a type of Partnership to be had for this? We bring people in and help them learn the game, maps, etc. We work as Sherpas for these new guys and give copies away every now and again. We dont want any special features or anything. Just a formal partnership. We could add the logo to our banner and T-Shirts as partner.

If you ever need web design or graphic design help im done to donate some time to help. Like i said, this is my main game and i play about 3-6 hours a day if i can. Keep up the excellent work!

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