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Reserve almost 20 minutes of load time


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When i try to play on reserve map its laggy and when i load the map it took me 20 minutes i observe my pc performance during load. What i observe is interesting cpu usage 16% gpu 26% ram 68% with discord im really surprised because the game looks like its stuttering while i load. I got a i5 8300h 4.0 ghz NVIDIA gtx 1050 4gb 16 gb of ram SSD/HDD  got the game on my main drive. There are times that it load fast and smooth gameplay but most of the time lag desync and other issue like server disconnect and anti cheat did not load. But whe in play on woods map no issue no lag no desync no error smooth gameplay. Note upon internet speed test my dl speed is 24.05 mbps and upload is 25.06 mbps not really sure whats happening hope you fix this issue thanks

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