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New USEC back pack: MOLLE II Tactical Assault


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I had a thought about a new USEC backpack similar to MBSS. spacer.pngIt could have 3x3 slots for the back pack itself and then two 2x4 sections separate from 3x3 for guns only (one gun per 2x4 section). This is so you can’t load two SKSs or two TOZ etc. in one gun slot where only one M4 can be put. These 2x4 gun slots would reflect the two sides outside of the backpack where you can strap on a gun using buckle straps.spacer.png 

Not only the slot change for the backpack but also have the guns loaded on the outside of the pack and reflect ingame so that everyone can see the gun strapped to the outside of backpack. There can also be a smaller bag that can only strap one gun (see images).spacer.png The visual gun addition on backpack can be extended to other bags (see image below).spacer.png


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