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New Challenge " EAST MEET WEST"

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Hi Guys 

what about a new Challenge for all you hardcore gamers


East meets West


The idea is that your loyal to your faction either Bear or Usec

Choose your Character Bear or Usec, but choose wisely.


Rules are easy or..


You are not allowed to use the opposite factions gear.

Usec cant use AK´s or Russian made amour and the other way around.


Bears are to use any weapon that fires non Nato rounds besides the 9x19

All 9x18, 5.45x39 7.62x39/54 etc.

Bears are allowed to use any Russian made armor.

( sorry no gen 4 or slick armor )


Usec is allowed to use all weapons firing Nato rounds and 9x19 ( All rounds from the west 5.7x28, 9x19 etc )

( Usec is allowed to use PP-19 and Adar until Peackeeper lvl 2 opens at lvl 10, where he must use only Westeren made weapons )


Usec are only allowed to use Western made Armor ( but also Paca and SSH-68 Penis helmet until Ragman lvl 2 opens )  Untar, 3M Gen4 etc ..


Tasks requiring a special item like Mosins are only allowed with items looted in raid ( must not be found in raid )

Same with helmets, grenades and backpacks…. Non faction gear is open for all,   duffelbag, bandanas etc.


You can only loot what is from your factions from scavs or players.

Find in raid items not belonging to your factions must be sold.

You can only keep items for an active task.

( no tasks for ledex, no keep ,it must be sold )

Flea market is allowed..

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