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Player Scav Spawns Being Abused Heavily by PMCs (Reserve Map)


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I do most of my scav runs on reserve and it is really common for me to get shot by a PMC within the first few seconds of loading in. Shared of a picture of my most recent run. This has been happening a lot more this wipe. The scav spawns are too common out in the fenced off field between train and garages, where there are bunkers underneath the hills. It is extremely common for a PMC to be scoping out the area and camping to get free spawn kills on player scavs, farming them for the items they spawn with. This only happens on reserve as far as im aware, where player scav spawn killing is a legit strategy for PMCs. It is an annoying problem... and I believe the most obvious fix for this is to reduce the number of player scavs spawning on reserve while adding a couple more spawn points to randomize and make it less worthwhile for these cheesy PMCs to camp the field. No one likes the amount of player scavs that flood reserve anyways.1551527703_2020-09-2616-33(0).thumb.png.e09d1d0ab5d6f37c3ca594862eed2aab.png

For the record, I got shot at within the first 5 seconds. I just ran and survived 33 seconds in total. Fastest I have ever died as a player scav when spawning on reserve is maybe 2-3 seconds.. literally got off the loading screen and blinked, then got tapped by a PMC from a distance

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