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"You got a PMC in me."


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Fellow Escapees!

Looks like command is still yet to care about us left here in this district... Sad times indeed. On my raids I've noticed some green PMCs leaving their hideout to brave Tarkov. I understand your struggle as i was there at one point. I'm not an expert on this region, but i can help you scrounge for the essentials. Oh. Most importantly not get your melon popped. Please do not give up, and hide! Grab your weapon, and a bag! Try again, 'cause ol' lady therapist will take care of you. =]

Radio for BEAR PMC SquidStar. My radio is equipped to receive most transmission! Reserve... gets static. Haven't figured that out yet.

Good luck on your raids!

[ TLDR: Dont give up! Radio for Bobflob6#1306 on "Discord" frequency]

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