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Reducing trader inventory


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With the game getting more and more attachments that come in all different colors, the traders will become more and more bloated with attachments. Here is an idea to reduce space on traders and not be afraid of adding different colors for attachments and clutter up the traders.

You add a color palette icon to the buy screen as well and in the trader inventory so you can select what color you want. This feature would just be for items that have the same stats and you could see what you need to unlock the other colors like trader loyalty or not high enough level or its locked behind a task.

The example here is for a grip and this could be applied to anything that has recolors that has the same stats

Screenshot 2020-10-01 135354.png

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hey cool idea! not really difficult to find attachments when you played tarkov for 1000h+, but now that I think back.... i guess a system like this would have made it much easier for me.

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