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LF long term mates


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To keep it short.

I am searching for a while now for people who basicly doing the same as me, but could not find these people. It seems like, that the EFT community is made out of 95% PVE players, what is fine but nothing for me.


About me:

- Maps - Customs (not that much anymore just because to many bambies) - Interchange.

- I hate tasking or looting to my death so i basicly even pass graphicscards. I realy dont care a single bit about looting items.

- I hate static fights like the fights on (Shoreline - Factory - Labs).

- Im going only for fights, im not running in without a strategy in my head, but i mostly take every fight i get, just beeing smarter.


About you:

- Matching basicly the same profile.

- Not a new player.

- The cherry on top would be, if you are insane at !!agressive!! sniping.

- You need to have certain stats i value alot and they show me your previous gameplay style. (asking these if you contact me)


Dont be shy, i am not toxic a child or a douchebag, i am just tired of PVE mates and people who cant kill stuff by there own.


MSG me as a private or reply to this post, thx and gl in your raids.




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