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What Problem can it be?


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So for the last couple of months something bizarre is happening while me and my friends try to play together. Everytime we decide to play together the game can: Crash, one of us receives "Connection error", Stutters and when loading the game it takes forever. And the strangest thing in all of this, is that it only happens when we try to play together. We live in the same city, we play in the same server, and our pcs are almost the same the only difference being that mine has 16GB of ram while theirs is 8GB. We tried everything so we could play together but ends up doing the same poo all over again, we tought that it was the connection but our friend most affected by this issues has the best internet of all our group. So i wish that somebody knows what could be the problem, cause its really sad having 3 friends that play the game, but we cant group up.

PS: We are a group of 2USECS and 1 BEAR, also we tried playing in pairs but it dindt worked, it was the same as playing with 3.

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