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Hand Grenade Functionality


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I think that grenades should have to be swapped to like a gun before they can be used, just like melee weapons. It would make it a lot harder to spam grenades in between shooting in a firefight, and make using them something that's a lot more deliberate than right now.

You can also see that in the video below that grenades are kept on the soldiers in little pouches on their rig, so unless you have a grenade belt or something you wouldn't realisticly be able to just whip one out and throw it almost instantly in between firing your weapon.


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I was thinking of how to handle this and a new idea came to me.. why not make it a skill? The mastery should be when you unlock a button to quick throw, but even then it would be twice as slow as now. Other peeps need to take it in hand and throw, but the accuracy and power is dependent on str and grenade skill. What do you guys think?

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Well i just don't like the nade spamming. Like on labs i encounter it a lot. Nade after nade after nade.

The guns play in this game looks so nice so why are the nades so arcade version!? I think it will be so much more fun to have the animation. What MylesE says risk calculation. Think before you grab a nade.

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Something definitely needs to be done about grenade spam, how about this one?

-When you press G there is an increased time with pulling out the nade
-Nade is not automatically thrown but you need to click left mouse button to throw it
-Blast radius is increased to balance out the player being defenseless while pulling and throwing the nade

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Really great idea.! Would limit the use a little of the nade it's self. But when in a full on gun fight, being able to instantly toss a nade is a little fast. Having to switch to the grenade an then pulling pin an tossing would be more of a risk. Maybe with that risk, making a nade and flash a little more stronger would level out with the time having to use the nade. :) 



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Throwing them faster should make your accuracy of aim take a dive. Spamming grenades and going exactly in a window all the time is crazy unreal. There's a lot of good ideas here.

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HI, played a day now, noticed grenades seem to be very powerful, by the time i'm even heading to cover a nade is on its way to end the fight. i always thought there were just extra people throwing them seeing as ive never even used one, but now you mention they can be thrown without even needing to switch to them makes me think its been one dude every time :(.

i messaged to also say that it would also be more than as much an inconvenience as reloading in combat which seems realistic, accompanied by a firearm to grenade switching sound, (pin pull sound, material swishing, throw-shock spoon-release weapon-rattle). you could even scale the material swishing volume based on throw power, (so you know how and if its been thrown after the pin has been pulled by listening) i always thought if you held a grenade with the pin pulled and you died, it would fall to the ground and go off after the spoon was released which could be an interesting kamikaze tactic on some of these fully kitted PMC's pushing my scav held room, hearing a spoon release then nade hit the ground after killing a guy or taking his arm off would be troubling. whether you can do that already i don't know.

is pulling pins on grenades even a separate action or is it an all you can eat buffet situation with nades atm? :P

'g' to release nade pin, hold 'g' to power throw, ads to cancel, 'g' press again to put the pin back or if you weapon switch it goes back into your pocket pinless or die or get arm holding it destroyed, uh ohh.

freshy here but i love the game, its really great, it is.

if nades were like this or you promised this level of detail i would probably wet myself a little with excitement.

your friend and loyalest scav,


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12.9 patchnotes

  • Pressing G now brings grenade to hands
  • Grenades deal armor damage

bsg pls

i have confession to make. I spam grenades... yes... i do it... im sorry, but that is how gameplay is.

Grenades kill, but  do not damage armor. 

Bullets kill, but damage armor.

So i kill with grenades so i can take your full durability armor.

Its how gameplay is. Nikita fix pls

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