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I'm not sure if you guys have heard this before, but I went back and watched the raid series and stumbled upon the cell phone discovery scene where helmet cam footage was recovered. It got me thinking that the role of the Intelligence center could be expanded while making the discovering of cell phones a big deal in the game. No telling what is on these phones, and sure most phones would have no additional value apart from the functionality. But many phones should be locked and unable to be opened to discover what goodies they may or may not hold, ie. bank account info saved, encrypted military intelligence, personal photos or info that certain factions would pay tons for, hidden cache info, etc. The phones could be shown on pickup as locked or maybe a stronger encryption to insinuate possible extra value, and need to be hacked into after extraction with a certain intelligence level at the hideout. The time could depend on the level of the intel center, and the rouble value could vary widely, up to the millions to the right buyers. PMC's without access to the correct level of intel center would be forced to hang on to the phone or to sell it for an base price like the game already works. I personally would be VERY excited to be looting and find a phone that could potentially be worth hundreds of thousands of roubles and be crawling to make it to extract just to see. This isn't exactly a new concept in gaming, such as getting back to town and having to identify or un-curse an item to discover it's intrinsic value. and it's a very attractive thing to players interested in looting primarily. Finally getting home and discovering the value after days of waiting on the hacking process to finish could add another layer of realism and excitement to the hideout. It also gives more depth and usefulness to the intel center, which I'm sure you have big plans for, at this point in early development is pretty narrow. Just a thought. Please let me know what you think.

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