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Tarkov Crashes Before Deploying or Awaiting Session Start


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I know that this has probably been posted on both Reddit and Here, but I couldn't find any more recent updates on the topic. My system is an i5 8400, msi z370 a pro mobo, 16gb ddr4 ballistix sport (2x8), and a pny gtx 1060 6gb. As the title suggests, I experiences crashes(not blue screens) whenever I try loading into a tarkov raid (usually a larger map like reserve or shoreline). It usually crashes other programs too, my web browser, discord, logitech ghub, etc. I know that this is a ram specific issue, but why does this problem suddenly arrive now? I have been playing tarkov last wipe and it was perfectly fine. What could be causing this nowadays, and how do I solve this (and don't tell me to add more ram or replace it that's not the issue). 

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Try to do the basic fixes like a full clean up and reinstallation of the game and launcher. Making sure you exempt the game on firewall and antivirus. Making full windows updates and driver updates, etc. If all fails, open the game, get a crash, contact support with the crash logs. They will be able to read it and potentially pinpoint the issue.

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Your problem sounds very like my own i had with the game. I made a thread about the background, debugging and the solution in my case. Its kinda specific, but you may give it a go:

Edit: TLDR;: In my case, i hadnt enough virtual RAM on my drive available and tarkov uses much of it while loading a map. It also appeared suddenly after many patches in which this was working.

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