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Accesorries and advanced functionalities for Mosin and SKS


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Suggestions for accessories:


Having played the Mosin rifles in other titles, I noticed that there are no stripper clips for it wich greatly limits the reloading speed and thus makes this rifle inferior to other bolt-action rifles with internal magazines, like the SV-98, in terms of reloading. 

The 5-round 7.62x54mmR stripper clip for Mosin rifle and carbines is historically widely used and I can imagine that plenty would still be around to be found on the maps of Tarkov. https://images.app.goo.gl/yKnRcNbqiJrnZHJN9

Although the stripper clip  can't be used when a scope or rail is mounted above the magazine (e.g. PU 3.5x scope or Arbalet Patriot P+W mount), it can be used with stock iron sights or the rear sight mounted rails like the Aim Sports MNG rails. In this regard, the performance of the  Mosin as a sniper rifle remains unchanged, however it becomes viable to use in close quarters due to the greatly inchanced reload speed. 

The same argument can also be mad for the 10-round 7.62x39mm stripper clip for SKShttps://images.app.goo.gl/ioSHhGvPco62M8x98 . The addtion of the stripper clips makes the SKS much more viable with its stock 10-round internal magazine.




Suggestions for advanced functionalities:


The option for manually cycling bolt-action rifles (manual bolting) should be added.

I would imaging the implementation as such: After firing, the spent case remains in the chamber until the firing key is pressed again after which the character cycles the bolt, ejecting the spent case and, when the magazine is not empty, chambering a new round. In the case of reloading, the case can either be ejected before reloading or remain in the chamber when a detachable box magazine is used. 

The advantages manual bolting would bring to the table are:

1. The player can observe the fall of shot without being interrupted by the cycling animation.

2. Should the player decide to top-up the magazine after a shot, manual bolting avoids having to eject a live round before reloading. This saves ammunition and the hassle of having to search for the ejected round on the ground. This only applies to the Mosing rifles and carbines since other bolt-action rifles have detachable magazines. 

3. In some games, manual bolting provides slightly faster cycling of the bolt and thus increase in  the rate of fire.

Implementation of manual bolting in RO2: 


In my opinion, the manual bolting function makes bolt-action rifles, especially Mosin rifles and carbines, more user-friendly and, if the developers choose to, fire faster. 


I'd also  like to hear the opinions of the developers on my suggestions. Thank you very much. 

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The manual bolting is sort of in the game already, Just hold the firering button down untill you have seen where your shot goes and release when ready to bolt the gun. 

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On 10/19/2020 at 8:37 AM, TarkovCitizen869897 said:

The manual bolting is sort of in the game already, Just hold the firering button down untill you have seen where your shot goes and release when ready to bolt the gun. 

100% true.

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That would be Mad minute shooting drill for RO2. The fastest you can shoot at 300meters or so. Totally agree with the stripper clips.

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