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'downloaded file checksum does not match'


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Hey folks


So i updated to 0.12.8. today. Once the download was complete I was told my data was corrupt and I have to repair it.

I then proceeded to repair it - a couple times, since each time I told me it was corrupt again.

Alright that didnt work, I then uninstalled Tarkov and the BSG launcher, deleted temp files and reg data.. restarted, tried again and still got the same error.


Ok then, I then backed my stuff up and reinstalled Windows, proceeded to run BSG again after setting up my engine and try to install tarkov but sure enough,

I got the same error ( as seen right here: kpYJdZ7.jpg)


I sent in a ticket to BSG with no reaction yet, which is fine its been a couple hours only, but maybe someone knows what to do here.


Take care guys and thanks

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