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Fix The Game!

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12.7 your guns jammed every few rounds.  (Link to post I made the day BEFORE 12.8 came out, at least the gun worked 50% of the time   https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/139561-fix-the-gun-jams-already/?tab=comments#comment-1839285).

Now, your guns won't fired, PEROID!

Your guns won't fire ANY mouse button!

$110 back please.



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I once also have bug that my bind haven't worked properly. Try to set Fire as RMB, then Save - quit the Settings. Next give RMB as Aim - and ONLY this - LMB will be unbinded. Again, Save, and assign LMB to Fire, check if it is working. 

I know, it shouldn't be bug like this in game, but check if saving between binding helps. 

Please, send bug report via launcher (write description and attach this video), not as a post on Forum. 


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