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Adrenaline. Idea for new healing related stamina bar

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Currently the healing mechanic is unique and pretty cool, it requires you to lay low and fix your limbs or be at a huge detriment/die. But it can get kind of silly that you're doing surgery on legs multiple times or splinting your legs and running on them to escape. For a realism addition I've had this idea recently of a resource like stamina/energy you have that goes down as you perform surgery/deal with pain. It could go back up over time like energy and go down rapidly as you deal with pain and perform surgery on yourself. Go down slower when you're on painkillers. And you could add an item that is an adrenaline injector/stim. Energy drinks could replenish it a bit. When you run out you could get a debuff like fatigue. Your adrenaline could be higher based on already in the game physical skills. (endurance or vitality or strength) I don't post on forums so I'm sorry if I missed this idea some place else

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