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Death via Exhaustion - New mechanic

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I have recently experienced dying form exhaustion with over 100hp. I was applying gold star in the building beside ZB-1011 in Customs. After the animation finished, I flopped over and died. Without even looking at 'time' in the game, it is physically impossible to die of exhaustion within 2 hours + aftermath and not eating/ providing your NPC energy. What 'does' though, is your character passing out on the spot.

This brings a number of things to mind that I will quickly list off. As well as a 3rd game mode (that can be implimented to the game without breaking 'anything').

1: passing out
- Instead of dying, you fall unconcious.
- You can be saved via defib if you stay in raid
- You can't move, audio is muffled, vision is either fixed and heavily blurred/ none at all (up to Nikita)
- Can be looted, left alive or killed while your game client is in/ out of raid.
- Revival is a one-time only. Fail to heal and/ escape = death.
- If you leave raid, a 3rd game option appears. And only becomes available when your raid ends.

2: Defibulators 
- The option to check bodies for life and revive downed NPC's or Scavs
- Can encourage NPC-Scav exctractions (just putting that out there.. *cough roleplay cough*)
- Limited usage ('tis portable), does not guarantee success
- Aside usage, also costs victim HP (it hurts!). Therefore the chance to kill the victim is possible and unknown.

3: Leaving Raid - Saving your NPC
- This adds a relatable touch to the trailer of the game.
- You spawn exactly where you passed out (unless dragging bodies becomes a thing).
- Spawn times are just like scavs; random. Circumstances are pretty self spoken here. 
- You can not enter a raid to save your NPC until the current raid is finished
- You only get 1 chance. Doing any other raid removes this chance and your time to do it is very limited (or he dies).
- You're energy and hydro are at 0, full of ailments and 'starvation' being one of them, reducing HP.
- You need to replenish energy, hydro and need antibiotics to fight infections from weather/ malnourishment or you die. You need all 3 to stop it completely.
- If BSG wants to go nuts, they could handicap your NPC by making you slower overall, clumsy (chance to drop inventory/ ammo you interact with), trip and stumble, or even coughing blood splatter if you're sick.
- You can't spawn in groups. You're alone. It's your last chance to escape.

Final words: I'm sure the whole concept would be enough to be almost a patch of it's own. Replayability is boosted, the addition to the concepts of survival in Tarkov are also expanded on. I've had positive feedback discussing it with other players. It answers how to apply the defib to gameplay; and lastly - ties gameplay to what the trailer showcased. You entered a 'raid', failed, and now it really is time for you to 'escape'. IMO: raids currently feel more like an infiltration mission than they do an escape. You want to 'leave' Tarkov, and it doesn't exactly feel that way. (I know I know it's beta).

I hope this post catches the attention of some influencial players, I would love to hear feedback from those who have been around long-term.

Now make like MASE and get some prey in spray!!

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I love the game, I can't stawp editing.
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