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As a player who has over 1000 hours and played diligently last wipe, I had a lot of fun. Playing this wipe however is unbelievably  unfun. I started 7 months late due to work and school. I can not catch a break.


Since the flea market change and inflated prices, I can not buy good rounds without bankrupting myself, and can not buy good ammo from traders without leveling them first. I can not get through raids without doing 1000 plus damage to armor since I can't get armor pen rounds. Getting good gear is difficult, although not impossible because I do have a few sets.


Been playing for about 2 weeks now and I am still only level 12 due to dying 24/7 cause I can not fight geared players.


What I am getting at here, is the unbalanced system that would discourage new players from sticking around. It's extremely unfair to the newbies in the first place, but with the flea market changes it's practically impossible to get momentum going. Something needs to change,  preferably the new flea market system that's just completely screwed over now, or at least allow better ammo at earlier levels of traders. I will stick to it, but those who just buy the game in the middle of the wipe will most definitely be discouraged from playing the game. 


I want this game to be an enjoyable experience for everyone, not just the ones who got on, on wipe day. 

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Hey there, it's awful you're having such an awful experience. 

I don't know you and so I can't really give you a 'great' plan to get passed that block but I would recommend finding a solid group of people to run with and learn from.  I had three IRL friends install the game last weekend. As of logging off tonight they're all above level 11, have made their first million(s), bought their first cases, killed their first PMC's (more than a few), and are doing exceptionally better in fights.

Keep in mind, as a policy, we do not drop them items/weapons,  baby them through raids, or the like. This does not help anyone in the long run.  We simply help guide them through their early tasks - often sending them first into engagements in order to learn - and answer their questions. How to build a gun. What ammo is best. What ammo is good for budget. How to navigate around the map. Where to watch for players coming from. The list goes on.

The biggest positive I see out of them is they're asking the more experienced players we run with tons of questions and looking up guides on their own. 

In your case - you've already put LOADS of time into the game.. without any info I would chalk this up to not adapting yourself to how Tarkov has changed and I would encourage you not to blame the changes but rather seek out how to overcome the changes purposefully.

Tarkov is a horrible place with terrifying people running around.  It's better to get help and then one day, in turn, give that help to a lonely lost ex-military contractor who just wants to survive.... that being said... many will take advantage of that. So if you join up with people who are not your style, take advantage of your lack of experience, or otherwise - don't give up.  I have made many friends via the Tarkov community and I know you can too. If you want too. Lol, none of this really applies if you just want to play solo - and if that's your thing, good luck!

Anywho.  I hope you're able to find enjoyment and in turn help others do the same!  Not everyone will enter the game with friends built in and it's up to us to find them.

Always keep fighting!

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26 minutes ago, Zeroa said:

 How to build a gun. What ammo is best. What ammo is good for budget. How to navigate around the map. Where to watch for players coming from. 

I don't find that to be the issue. I have adapted and done well in raids, worked with the changes and gotten myself up. 


3 friends of mine who have also started playing due to be encouraging them have said they won't play until the new wipe. You stated that you helped your friends, I assume you're a higher level with decent gear and have Armor pen rounds readily available. You may not drop them gear, but you drop enemies with gear making the raid easier. What's to say a group of 3 level 5's go in, they do not stand a chance against a geared player in most cases, granted their are tactics you can use.


Although this varies from individual to individual, you will find the bulk of new players being discouraged.


Now I'm not gonna stop fighting, but even between guides and "what ammo is good for budget" pre 10 its difficult since your options are severely limited. Almost to the point where you would want to hatchet run, but that's been nerfed as well. As this game goes on, it becomes worse and worse for new players, and that's a fact.

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